Our Work

With a decade of previous commercial electrical work under their belt, Windward Electric, LLC, is the Boulder, Colorado area’s top choice for electrical services.

You’re busy.

We know you’re too busy to let electrical issues slow you down. Whether you need help with lighting, installing infrastructure for electric vehicles, or something has stopped working, we know--it’s a major inconvenience.

You don’t need another headache.

Whether it’s a minor nuisance or a major job, you don’t want anything to impinge on your (or your customer’s) lifestyle, comfort, or sense of safety. You want your electrical systems and switches to operate without a second thought.

You expect proper functionality--from the equipment and systems, but also from the people who service them.

Let us bring the electrical expertise.

Windward Electric was founded by Erik Holmberg to address exactly those issues. With clear assessment tools, proven protocols, and creative spirit, we’ve created a cohesive team of expert technicians who are highly motivated, who love to show up, get the job done, and leave you with the peace of mind that everything was done right.

Here’s how it works.

Our 5-step plan for every job helps us communicate clearly and alleviate your concerns.

  • Listen. Consider the entire problem’s scope, and take in the history, expediently.
  • Assess. Determine the level of impact and severity.
  • Simplify. Create a mental flow-chart of most probable and least probable causes.
  • Define. Evaluate how best to repair, bypass and/or eliminate the problem, effectively.
  • Execute. We get the work done and keep you informed along the way.

For each and every job, you can rely on us not to sweep anything under the rug or create unnecessary complexity. We have a proven track record of bringing the right tools and approach to each project...no more or less than is needed.

We’ve been operating in the Front Range since 2008, so you’ve found in us an electrical partner for the long term.

Let us help you assess the project. Head off unnecessary visits with quick phone consults for things you can do yourself (pushing a button to reset a GFI or circuit breaker), and count on us for the bigger-scale jobs, too. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

There’s a lot riding on this.

You don’t want or need any surprises when it comes to managing your electrical systems. We’re all more dependent on the grid than we want to be, and when the power goes out, or something breaks, your ability to enjoy life comes to a screeching halt.

Further, power issues are not only important, but a serious safety issue. You need to know some of the basics, and you need to know when to call for backup. It’s okay to change a light if you're comfortable doing that, but don’t move a wall. Let us do that for you.

Find peace of mind. And enjoy the good life!

Our goal is to keep you happy, safe, and comfortable at home and at the office. To make life easier. Better. And worry free.

Got a question? We’re always available for you. Call us and schedule an appointment today.