Call Us When You Need Smoke Detector Replacement Services

Your fire alarm is too important to ignore. If it’s not working, let our highly trained electricians provide you with a new one to improve the safety of your home.

Smoke detectors have been proven to frequently save lives, but unfortunately they get overlooked in many homes. If your device is no longer working, you need to call a company that can do smoke detector replacement immediately. Our residential electrician will ensure that your smoke alarm is fully functional and ready to protect you and your family.

To avoid surprises, you need to check your smoke detector on a regular basis to make sure that it’s in proper working order. Otherwise, you won’t know if anything has gone wrong with the alarm until a fire breaks out and the alarm doesn’t sound. At that point, it’s too late. With routine checks and maintenance, you’ll know exactly when you need smoke detector battery replacement or complete smoke detector replacement.

We provide wired smoke alarm replacement services.

Smoke Detector Battery Replacement: How Often Should I Do It?

The National Fire Protection Agency advises homeowners to replace their smoke detectors every five years to ensure that all the components are still functional . It’s also highly recommended that you get your fire alarms hardwired with a battery backup. Our expert electricians can inspect and replace the smoke detectors throughout your home.  When you need a smoke detector replacement service contractor, Windward Electric LLC is here to serve you. 

Before you start replacing smoke detectors, you can easily test whether your smoke alarms are working. You simply need to press the test button and see if the alarm sounds. This should be done monthly.  If you have a battery-powered alarm and it doesn’t sound, you should change the battery and test the device again. If it is a hardwired device and it’s not working, you must replace it right away. Call us and ask about our smoke detector replacement service.

What Kind of Smoke Detector Should I Have Installed? 

The International Association of Firefighters recommends using photoelectric smoke alarms rather than the less expensive alarms with "ionization technology".  

Photoelectric alarms have been shown to operate sooner than ionization alarms. Ionization alarms may wait until dangerous conditions flare up before they sound. The photoelectric alarms are typically less likely to give false alarms (so therefore households won't be as tempted to disable them, making them less effective). 

Windward Electric can help you determine which alarm systems are best for your home. 

Don’t delay in contacting us if you have questions or concerns.

Call the Experts at Windward Electric LLC!

If you need fully wired smoke alarm replacement services, or are wondering if you do, don’t delay in seeking professional assistance. Your smoke alarm is too important to ignore. Let us use our expertise to protect you and your family. We’ve become known for the excellent service we provide, indicated in part by the fact that we’ve won Angie’s List Super Service Award four times.

Our company offers hard-wired smoke detector replacement services to:

  • Boulder
  • Broomfield
  • Fort Collins
  • Longmont
  • Frederick
  • Arvada
  • Northglenn

Contact us today at 720-421-4535 to ask questions about smoke detector replacement. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about smoke alarms, safety, and all things electrical.

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