Why Hire Electricians for your Smoke Detector Installation?

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You may not consider it necessary to call a professional home wiring specialist for smoke detector installation. After all, you may reason, you simply attach the detector to the ceiling or wall, and you’re safe! Unfortunately, in reality, battery-operated smoke detectors are not safe at all.

Statistics published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) indicate that three out of five deaths in home fires occur because the smoke detector is absent or not functioning. And half of those nonfunctioning detectors are disconnected, missing batteries, or have dead batteries.

Smoke Detector Installation Companies Recommend Interconnected Detectors

The safest option for your home is to call an electrician for an interconnected smoke detector installation. Interconnected smoke alarms are directly hooked into your main electrical network and are equipped with batteries, thus they never run out of power. At the same time, as the term “interconnected detectors” implies, all the detectors in your house become connected together systematically. .

After a professional smoke detector installation, everyone at home will hear the alarm sound during an emergency, wherever they are in the house, because one detector will trigger all the others. This system is so efficient and effective that a growing number of US states have mandated it be included in new home construction.

Advantages of Professional Smoke Detector Installation

In short, interconnected fire alarm installation is not a DIY job. The system must be connected to your electricity network by a certified professional. Also, an experienced electrician will know exactly how many smoke alarms you need in your house and where to place them.

We know you want to protect your family and your home from the event of fire. We’re here to help make that safe and easy to do.

Work with an Experienced Company

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