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For an experienced home wiring contractor, outlet installation is a simple, straightforward job. However, for the average homeowner, it can be tricky, even dangerous. Connecting the electrical outlet wiring to power your fridge, computer, or TV set is delicate work today that requires precision.

Poor outlet installations can cause severe damage to your home’s entire electrical network, fry your expensive devices beyond repair, or even start a fire. 

When to Call in Specialists for Power Outlet Installation 

In most cases, homeowners overlook the need to replace old and outdated outlets. Modern outlets offer superior protection and supplementary benefits. An outlet installation company can help you choose between:

  • AFCI outlets – detect electrical arcs and trip the circuit before the arc occurs
  • GFCI outlets – prevent electrocution and electrical shocks
  • USB outlets – help you charge your smart devices via USB ports

Apart from upgrading to a newer model, you should always call a specialist for power outlet installation  if:

  • You detect a spark when you plug a device into the outlet
  • The outlet feels warm to the touch when in use
  • You detect a burning smell around the outlet
  • The outlet has melting or burning signs around it, such as scorched surfaces or black soot

An experienced certified electrician will identify the correct number of outlets you need in each room, depending on the electronic or household appliances. At the same time, if you need extra outlets, the specialist will identify the best places for them on the walls, convenient yet not standing out visually.

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At Windward Electric, we believe in professionalism, quality, and timely responses to meet your  needs. We are always ready to help you with an outlet installation throughout our service area, which covers:

  • Boulder
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