Windward Electrical New Construction Wiring

Windward Electric offers the highest quality services for your new construction wiring at affordable prices. If you are building your home now, we’ll ensure your electrical wiring is done right.

When building a new house, especially when it comes to your new home wiring, you’ve got a lot to consider 

From lightboxes to electrical panels, cables, wires, and voltage systems, the list seems endless. New construction wiring is definitely one of the most crucial phases of a new build, because the wiring runs throughout the entire house -- walls, ceilings, and sometimes floors -- to power all that you do. Almost all of your devices depend on electricity today. So it’s important to install things correctly, the first time. 

It’s absolutely  critical to find a new construction electrician that you can trust to get the job done right. Imagine the inconvenience and difficulty entailed in tearing down walls to fix a problematic electrical wire, not to mention the severe danger it could pose,  should your electrical system malfunction. We take the responsibility for new wiring seriously, because we know how important it is for you to be able to enjoy your new home, worry and project-free. 

Creating the Vision for New Construction Wiring

When you are building a new home, it is essential to have a vision of how your house will look and function when it’s finally time to move in. Think about overhead and accent lighting throughout the day and night. Where will you plug in appliances or charge your phone? Will you need electricity outside the home, such as around a patio or in your garage? What about electric vehicle (EV) charging? 

It’s no surprise that when it comes to new construction wiring, some details can be missed or not taken into consideration. When you hire a expert -- a knowledgeable new construction electrician -- all these minute details are accounted for, ensuring your house becomes fully customized to serve your needs best. 

Seriously. Experience makes a huge difference.

We make sure to find out if you want  to add extra outlets in rooms to support numerous electrical devices and appliances. We know when to provide additional light switches to control lights from multiple locations. We can also customize your light sources with track lighting, ceiling fixtures, and smart lighting systems. 

It is vital to hire an expert electrician who will suggest new construction wiring ideas and ensure that no detail remains  unaccounted for during the installation process. Windward Electric promises to take care of every electrical wiring matter you can think of,  to create a house that matches your vision and meets or exceeds your electrical needs. 

Why Choose Windward Electric For Your New Construction Wiring?

If you are building new construction in Boulder county and surrounding areas, Windward Electric is the leading expert in new construction electrical wiring. We have contracted numerous residential and commercial constructions and have been proudly serving -- for multiple years -- the areas of:

We are locally owned and operated and highly experienced delivering electrical projects throughout the Front Range. Contact our team for an estimate today!