Hire Reputable Contractors for Ceiling Fan Installation

Windward Electric is a certified residential electrical company, whose professional ceiling fan installation services have received Angie’s List Super Service Award for four consecutive years.

As you think about when to call your electrical home wiring contractor for ceiling fan installation, consider how to get the most out of this  decision. A ceiling fan is a useful addition to any room -- if you choose the right model for the design and volume of the space.

This is why you should discuss the entire project with ceiling fan installation service specialists. They can help you select:

  • The ideal fan model for the size of the room
  • The best placement, according to the height and type of ceiling (flat or domed)
  • The other features and functions you might want for your ceiling fan.

Reasons to Choose Ceiling Fan Installation

Some homeowners wonder if a ceiling fan is actually effective... or just for decorative purposes. If you have the right model properly installed by a certified electrician, it can help you feel more comfortable during summer and winter alike.

That’s right, ceiling fan installation helps you stay cool during summer and warm in the winter! By choosing to reverse the spin of the fan, it can send warm air from the ceiling down toward you. And, of course, a ceiling fan needs just a fraction of the electricity an A/C unit uses, making it ecologically friendly and cost-efficient, too.

Other Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation

So yes, while they are effective for climate control, updated ceiling fans can also make great additions for their visual impact as well as their functionality.  The propeller blades and lighting options are available in a wide range of new styles and colors to suit your interior decor. Fresh looks might include brass or nickel finishes, flat or globe lights, and industrial-looking or even acrylic(!) blades. 

A professional ceiling fan installation service specialist can help you choose a model with special features, such as LED lighting or an ability to control the fan through a mobile app. Today’s ceiling fans are more easy and convenient to control than ever. Yet certain new styles might be better for circulating air in a large living room versus hugging the ceiling in a bedroom with low ceilings, for example.

We’d love to talk to you about installing the best model(s) for your home. Ceiling fans are cool... in more ways than one! 

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